Integrating behavioral health into total health

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Across the continuum of care, enhance provider and patient experience, gain better outcomes, and reduce costs with our behavioral health outcomes management solution.

HIPAA-compliant cloud-based SaaS software

Platform hosted on HIPAA-compliant cloud

EHR integrations

Data can integrate with health systems’ EHR software

Proprietary metrics for assessment and monitoring

Gold standard behavioral health scales

Gold-standard behavioral health scales (e.g., PHQ9, GAD7)

Why integrating behavioral health into total health is vital

Behavioral health issues, such as anxiety, depression and substance use, often accompany chronic physical illnesses. These illnesses then are worsened by those behavioral health issues. This not only takes a terrible toll on patients and doctors, but also takes a huge toll on the already high cost of care.

To meet the challenges presented by a changing industry, in which insurers reward doctors for better care and better value, Tridiuum is highly focused on providing its customers and users, from large health systems to providers, with the ability to meet the metrics that will help them—and their patients—succeed.

Comorbid depression multiplies cost of total healthcare for diabetes patients (NIH)

U.S. adults experience mental illness in a given year (NAMI)

Total care Total Health Lower total cost

A major industry report projects tens of billions in estimated additional healthcare costs incurred by people with behavioral comorbidities. These are people suffering with a combination of mental health/substance use issues and chronic ailments, such as diabetes and arthritis, across commercially insured, Medicaid, and Medicare beneficiaries in the United States.

Most of the increased costs for those with behavioral comorbidities are attributed to medical services.


Estimated 2017 additional healthcare costs due to behavioral comorbidities


Preliminary estimate of annual potential savings through effectively integrating medical and behavioral

Tridiuum and the Quadruple Aim

At Tridiuum, we’ve created a behavioral health solution that helps achieve the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim of “applying integrated approaches to simultaneously improve care, improve population health, and reduce costs per capita.”

Tridiuum supports a fourth aim: to enhance the provider experience.

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Tridiuum Quadruple Aim

“There is a growing realization that the successful health and health care systems of the future will be those that can simultaneously deliver excellent quality of care, at optimized costs, while improving the health of their population.” —Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Integrating behavioral health into total health

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