Why We Exist

Behavioral health improves care and makes patients better.

Since 2000, we’ve been exploring the undeniable link between behavioral and medical health. Today, Tridiuum has found a unique way to commercialize 20 years of validated science in practical products that address the real challenges patients and clinicians face.

We were founded to bring parity to behavioral and medical health. We exist because healthcare needs Tridiuum.

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What We’re Doing Today

We address the full continuum of care. Our one-of-a-kind products solve behavioral care in the clinical environment—from identification, through intervention and analysis.

We create products that healthcare loves to use. Our products help payers, providers and patients solve real problems that exist where they work and live.

We meet you at the point of largest impact. We partner with providers and patients in the primary care setting, where 70 percent of behavioral health issues go unaddressed.

We put a human face on behavioral health. We work to remove stigma, serve people and change lives—patient-by-patient, clinician-by-clinician.

We use data to predict, address and transform. Our products combine medical, behavioral and claims data to create a truly predictive model of care.

We achieve the triple aim. Lower costs. Better quality. Greater outcomes. Everything we develop, do and deliver achieves these three goals.

We deliver breakthrough financial models. Our financial models dramatically lower the cost of entry, making it practical and possible for health systems to achieve successes they never imagined.

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Where We’re Headed Together…

Leading health care systems from coast-to-coast are using Tridiuum to address behavioral health and improve the wellbeing of their patients, but there’s still much to be done.

We are working for a future in which behavioral and medical health have total parity—a time when no behavioral health issue is overlooked and every stakeholder leverages behavioral health data to care better than ever before.

Behavioral and Medical Health In Parity.

Let’s Make It Happen, Together.

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