A digital behavioral health platform, Tridiuum ONE automates the identification of patient behavioral needs, accelerates access to the most appropriate care, and helps deliver better overall outcomes. Used by medical and behavioral health providers and health plans, Tridiuum ONE serves as a foundation for behavioral health evaluation and supports clinical decision making throughout the continuum of care.

Tridiuum ONE combines a digital behavioral health assessment with an advanced analytics engine to rapidly identify patient behavioral health issues, assign risk scores, and generate alerts which are delivered in real-time at the point of care. It also supports video-based virtual visits, enterprise-level dashboards into population statistics and clinician performance, and provider-level views into patient progress.

Medical providers use the information to inform clinical decision making and to determine the right treatment path for their patients. Behavioral providers track patient progress from visit to visit, using valuable insights from Tridiuum ONE to adjust treatment when needed. Health plans increase their ability to deliver whole-person, population-based care that reduces costs and improves outcomes.

How it Works

Featured Capabilities


Digital behavioral health assessments integrate proprietary questions informed by two decades of research with gold-standard behavioral health scales such as the PHQ 2-9, GAD7, AUDIT, PTSD, and CSSRS.

Patients complete the Tridiuum ONE web-based assessment during a medical visit or at intake with their behavioral health clinician. Once in treatment, progress is measured by regularly administered update assessments.

Assessments offered for different patient populations include:

  • Adult mental health
  • Youth mental health for ages 5 – 17
  • Substance use
  • Primary care
  • Oncology

Initial assessments take an average of five (5) minutes to complete. Assessment updates to measure progress can take just 2-3 minutes.

Virtual Visits

Engage in safe, secure video sessions with patients in individual and group settings. A divided screen allows the provider to access their notes and assessment results on one side while viewing their client on the other side.

Text messaging and online payment features provide a virtual experience as seamless as a face-to-face session.

Proprietary Metrics

Tridiuum ONE delivers actionable insights at the point of care, serving as a foundation for behavioral health evaluation and supporting clinical decision making throughout the continuum of care.

Behavioral Health Index (BHI)

A patient’s responses to ongoing assessments surface the real-time nature and severity of behavioral health issues. The platform applies a proprietary algorithm to the responses, resulting in a composite score that reflects the current state of behavioral health.

Expected Treatment Response (ETR)

Based on responses to the intake assessment, proprietary algorithms predict the trajectory of the patient’s response to treatment. With each update assessment, a new BHI score is plotted against the curve to determine if the patient is progressing as expected. This allows providers to evaluate progress and identify opportunities for treatment modification.


Patient Detailed Dashboard

Detailed results from the current assessment, a progress graph, and summaries and reports for all assessments completed by a patient are summarized here.

Clinical Home Dashboard

Providers can quickly view summaries of patient caseloads, including current assessment scores compared to intake scores and any triggered critical alerts.

Mental Health Dashboard – Population Analytics

The Mental Health Dashboard enables analysis of population health data aiding in planning, evaluating and resource allocation at the program and health-system level.

Provider Dashboard

The Provider Dashboard displays patient- and caseload-level data focused on treatment progress.

Tridiuum ONE also

  • Provides a variety of assessment options
  • Incorporates industry-validated measures
  • Delivers dashboard views and customized reporting
  • Integrates with EHRs

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