Leaning into Early Identification of Suicide

Written By Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus The current events and news over the last several days have catapulted the issue of suicide back into the national narrative, front and center. Leaning into the issue is beginning to feel as daunting as the issue itself. But, as our nation struggles to come to grips with the […]

Why Only A Continuum-Wide Approach Can Solve Healthcare’s Behavioral Health Challenge

Anyone within an arm’s reach of the medical health ecosystem knows that behavioral health is an issue that needs to be solved. Due to behavioral health’s far-reaching impact and pertinence to care costs, quality and outcomes, bringing true parity between behavioral and medical care promises transformation for the entire healthcare landscape. Technological disruption can make […]

Behavioral Health Impairment Score: Embracing the 6th Vital Sign

A patient goes to the doctor’s office, sits down on the examination table, and has their vitals taken⎯ body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and pain. In a matter of minutes, the provider has a relatively clear picture of the patient’s physical health. Vital signs have become second nature to providers. But is the […]