Thought Leaders in Healthcare IT interview

Healthcare IT Thought Leaders

Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus’s wide-ranging Thought Leaders in Healthcare IT interview with Sramana Mitra (@sramana) — one of LinkedIn’s top 10 influencers — appears in four parts in the “One Million by One Million” blog. The wide-ranging Q&A interview addressed, among other topics: Tridiuum’s three-minute digital assessment tool enabling feedback informed care between providers and […]

Tridiuum CEO & SVB Managing Director interviewed for Knowledge@Wharton on SiriusXM

Behavioral Health Radio

Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus returned to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business radio program “Knowledge@Wharton” to discuss Tridiuum’s capital raise of $9.5 million. This time, Redlus shared the mic with one of Tridiuum’s new investors, Tom Gordon of Silicon Valley Bank. Among the topics of the interview was how the infusion of funds […]

Series B Financing Media Coverage

Tridiuum Series B Financing - Behavioral Health

Tridiuum’s $9.5M Series B financing news was covered extensively by industry, business, financial and local media Select coverage includes MedCityNews, MobiHealthNews, and Business Radio’s Knowledge@Wharton Here are the links to the top stories and radio interview with Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus and Silicon Valley Bank Managing Director Tom Gordon: MedCityNews, MobiHealthNews, HIT Consultant, Philadelphia Business […]

Dec. 4 CMS Town Hall Presentation

Behavioral Health Town Hall

Tridiuum VP-Clinical Services Cori McMahon, Psy.D., Presented ‘Improving Patient Outcomes with Behavioral Health Technology’ at CMS Town Hall View Presentation     Who: Cori McMahon, Psy.D., VP-Clinical Services, Tridiuum, Inc.; 20 years’ experience in direct clinical care, teaching, and clinical supervision and research; practicing clinician, specializing in chronic disease management; director of Behavioral Medicine in […]

A few minutes with…Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus

Mental Health Assessment Software

In a one-on-one with Philadelphia Business Journal, Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus overviews the digital health company’s technology, its applicability to early identification of and intervention in behavioral issues and new developments. Read the full article     The Article Explains: Tridiuum, a Wayne-based medical technology company formerly known as Polaris Health Directions, adopted its new […]

Development Operations Engineer

Development Operations Engineer

Tridiuum is looking for a Development Operations Engineer Company Overview We exist to accelerate improved patient outcomes and broaden access to appropriate levels of care. Three years ago, our team came together to infuse 17 years of groundbreaking clinical research into a set of products that would transform the way patients, providers, and payers use […]

Episode 6: “Cool Moments” Growing up a Brand New Product…and Company, to boot

Company and Product Growth

Written by Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus Picking up right where we left off last week: “Executing on a great idea…” Thankfully, and with tremendous encouragement, our CEO “green-lighted” Tina and me to pursue this idea on a dual commercial/research course.  We would develop this with commercial intent, but would seek to validate “what worked” through a […]

Episode 5: “Building a Narrative” Growing up a Brand New Product…and Company, to boot

Company and Product Growth

Written By Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus Picking up right where we left off last week: “The brain trust was growing…” Right after the holidays, early January 2015, I asked the Innovation Lab team members at the company to do something a little “off the wall.” They were coming to expect “off the wall” from me. In […]

Episode 4: “Starting with Why” Growing up a Brand New Product…and Company, to boot

Company and Product Growth

Picking up right where we left off last week: “This is going to change everything…” What happened next? Pure unadulterated excitement. Almost a “knowing” joy.  James and I walked out of the conference room that day, finished up some emails and to-dos, and began our respective drives home.  What I hadn’t planned on, and what would mark […]