Tridiuum to Attend World Congress’s Behavioral Health in Primary Care Summit

Tridiuum will be attending World Congress’s 6th Annual Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care Models Summit on May 22-23 in Orlando, Florida. The Summit will bring together healthcare leaders around the theme ‘Real Tactics to Make Integration Work.’ The theme, which is dedicated to making behavioral health integration an achievable reality, is a natural continuation […]

Making Primary Priority: Bringing Behavioral Health to Primary Care

Primary care physicians oversee the day-to-day healthcare needs of patients—both healthy and unhealthy. The nature of their work gives them the distinction of interacting with a greater number of patients than any other care provider. In addition to their sheer volume, primary care patients span a diverse range of ages, with a wider spectrum of […]

Pay. Provide. Receive. Transforming Life for Each of Healthcare’s Stakeholders.

Few things are more universally relevant to healthcare costs, quality and outcomes than behavioral health. Alarmingly, research tells us that 1 in 2 Americans will suffer from a behavioral health condition in their lifetime. Often times, these conditions lead to a degradation of care efficiency, results and most importantly, patient quality of life. The products […]

Why Only A Continuum-Wide Approach Can Solve Healthcare’s Behavioral Health Challenge

Anyone within an arm’s reach of the medical health ecosystem knows that behavioral health is an issue that needs to be solved. Due to behavioral health’s far-reaching impact and pertinence to care costs, quality and outcomes, bringing true parity between behavioral and medical care promises transformation for the entire healthcare landscape. Technological disruption can make […]

Vital for Providers: The Top 6 Reasons You Need BHI

A few weeks ago, we released a blog post focused on BHI, the sixth vital indicator of patient wellbeing. Our proprietary BHI is an essential addition to the vital mix as it sheds light on a patient’s overall state of health—including behavioral health elements that are likely to negatively impact outcomes if they go unaddressed. […]

Behavioral Health Impairment Score: Embracing the 6th Vital Sign

A patient goes to the doctor’s office, sits down on the examination table, and has their vitals taken⎯ body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and pain. In a matter of minutes, the provider has a relatively clear picture of the patient’s physical health. Vital signs have become second nature to providers. But is the […]