Episode 3: Growing up a Brand New Product…and Company, to boot

Company and Product Growth

Written By Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus

Picking up right where we left off last week headed home from the conference…

Shortly after dinner, I headed home. I had that feeling, you know the one, where you know something had fundamentally just changed, and you weren’t quite sure what you were going to do next, but you knew it was going to be big. I wanted to call everyone, but, at the same time, no one.  I was thinking, maybe I’m crazy? Our Company. Behavioral Health. Wearables. Patients. Activation. It was like a big jigsaw puzzle with all of the pieces strewn across a card table at the beach.  You can see all of the pieces, and you know that you need to begin framing the edges up if you are going to have a chance at completing it. The drive was a blur. I’m not sure, but I probably called our CEO and told him that I had some big ideas coming out of the conference and couldn’t wait to share them with him and the team. I probably sounded nuts. I slept fitfully that night.

The next morning, I headed into work early and shortly after arriving was greeted by our Science Director, Tina. It hit me, oh my God, the 7-minute challenge.  How did it go??? What happened? Well as it turns out, plenty.  

Tina plunked down a couple of sheets of paper on my desk and said simply, “Look.” She went on to tell me that they had sputtered a bit at the beginning, but by hour 4 or 5, she and one of our colleagues had laid out a new version of our core product that, when technologically enabled, would reduce our patient interaction time from 21 minutes to under 7 minutes.  2 minutes and 45 seconds to be exact. I was astonished.  Would it still scientifically hold up?  The answer was yes.  And we spent the next 45 days, transforming the core product into a minimally loveable patient assessment vehicle to be launched in the upcoming early spring.  Patient activation became our rallying cry for the next 6 months and, to this day, is a key focus for everything we build and deliver.

Fast forward to mid-December. Enter AppleTM.  The Apple WatchTM (at least it’s first early incarnation) was announced in the middle of December via a “reveal video.” James, Chief Architect for Tridiuum, and I were sitting in the “7-minute” conference room.  Just the two of us. Late afternoon, sun was already heading down. We flipped on one of our macs and played “the video.”  We sat silently through the whole thing, listening to Jony Ive’s British accent croon effortlessly as he unveiled every detail of this new Watch. What it was made of, how the pieces came together with laser precision, the interface, the clever repurposing of the watch crown to enhance the user experience.  The video ended.  James and I looked at each other in stunned silence for a moment.  Only two words came to mind – Thank God. I don’t think I verbalized that in the moment, but the next few words definitely came out, “This is going to change everything.”  

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