Episode 5: “Building a Narrative” Growing up a Brand New Product…and Company, to boot

Company and Product Growth

Written By Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus

Picking up right where we left off last week: “The brain trust was growing…”

Right after the holidays, early January 2015, I asked the Innovation Lab team members at the company to do something a little “off the wall.” They were coming to expect “off the wall” from me. In fact, I think folks were disappointed if I didn’t spring some alternative viewpoint relating to creativity or technology on them at least once a week.  I asked each of them to write a narrative (in just a paragraph or a page) on a day in the life of a breast cancer patient wearing the Apple WatchTM, powered by our company’s platform. I asked them to imagine and not be constrained by what they thought was possible – just come up with what they thought was important to really make an impact. Just about everyone wrote something, from paragraphs to, unbelievably, pages.  While everyone wrote terrific story depictions, Laura, our team lead for our advanced analytics team, took home the prize. Laura wrote inspirational page after page, narrating what this cancer patient would do from the moment that they woke, how they would use it, and most importantly, how they would feel wearing this device, powered by our tech.  Laura’s piece proved to be a powerful inspiration to all of us.  Much of what was found in the launched product, directly supporting patients, stems from that incredible narrative.  This was an important step in our small company, where a dozen or so people were all asked to contribute and share in the co-creation of this vision.  Now everyone owned a piece of this thing.  But, there was still much to do.

Ideas require fuel to grow and become real, meaningful products – Sounds a lot like crops, or children.  Throughout the ideation process, I was keeping our CEO in the loop.  He would often peek his head into some of those Innovation Lab meetings and wonder what in the heck was going on?  Hooting and hollering, laughter.  Thinking back, it was creativity.  Those meetings became safe places to create and hone new ideas.  People felt the joy of creation, even those people who wouldn’t label themselves as “creative.” Based on where we were in the process, it was getting to that time where I needed our CEO’s blessing to take it to the next level.  Here goes nothing.

To our CEO’s credit, he embraced this product concept quite early.  We discussed the key fundamentals that made this a good fit for our company: 1) It was taking something that we were already quite good at and extending it outside of the clinical setting, or more specifically – connecting the home or mobile setting to the clinical care teams that we were already working with successfully; 2) Behavioral Health is not a single point in time, nor is it a couple points in time over the course of specific treatments – it’s a continuous experience.  We had to get better at helping people wherever they were; 3) Clinicians and care team members play important roles in helping patients get better, but patients play the biggest role.  We had determined that patient self discovery, when it came to their well-being, was the best kind of learning. We believed that we could facilitate that; and finally, 4) Wearable market trends were about to get a big boost from the Cupertino consumer product machine (aka AppleTM), and riding on that to support our product seemed like a solid idea – especially, if we thought we could do it well. And If there was one thing that we could do well, it was execute on a great idea. Stay tuned for our next episode, next Sunday…

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