Fall Newsletter: A Sharper Focus on Behavioral Health Care

CEO-newWelcome to the first issue of Polaris Health Directions’ quarterly newsletter. This is one of several new ways the we will keep you up to date on news and trends in behavioral health, integrated care, and on the new programs and services we are offering.

The need for a sharper focus on behavioral health care, including a movement toward integrated care is self evident. In 2012, more than 18 percent of all U.S. adults had a mental, behavioral or emotional disorder; this does not include the more than 22 million individuals who needed treatment for substance use disorder.

Most working in health care understand that integrated care programs are the logical next step in strengthening our health care delivery system. Daily, they see the far reaching effects that emotional and behavioral health have on physical well being.

For nearly two decades, Polaris has been developing the science that supports our suite of behavioral and integrated health programs, and anticipating this natural evolution toward a health care ecosystem that understands the mind and body are intrinsically connected.

With co-founder Dr. Grant Grissom at the helm, the Polaris Labs team in partnership with preeminent research institutions continues to lead the field in providing meaningful advanced analytics that enable better clinical decisions, greater efficiency and ultimately improved quality of life for patients.

Science drives all that we do, and Polaris’s ability to translate raw data into valuable insights through technological innovation is unparalleled. It is our vision to see behavioral health firmly incorporated into every aspect of care.

We are also acutely aware of the need and importance of financial analytics that measure and prove the short and long term benefits of Integrated Care. We have several major initiatives underway that you will be hearing more about soon. In the coming months, you will also learn about exciting changes to our products, services and relationships.

We are fulfilling our vision to support the delivery of superior, patient-centered, evidence-based behavioral health care in all settings from a single platform. It is an invigorating time of change within the field, and Polaris is pleased to be at the forefront.


Mark A. Anthony, CEO

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