How we respond to daily stress can have an impact on long-term mental health, suggests UC Irvine study

Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, have found that negative emotional responses to the stresses of daily life predicted negative mental health outcomes 10 years later. The results are based on data from two national longitudinal surveys, which included a combined 711 male and female participants aged 25 to 74: Midlife Development in the United States and the National Study of Daily Experiences.

“According to [study author Susan] Charles and her colleagues, these findings show that mental health outcomes aren’t only affected by major life events — they also bear the impact of seemingly minor emotional experiences. The study suggests that chronic nature of these negative emotions in response to daily stressors can take a toll on long-term mental health.”

The report, “The Wear and Tear of Daily Stressors on Mental Health,” has been published online in Psychological Science.