Tridiuum Trailblazers: Adina Evans, Culture Connoisseur

Even at a company that attracts the best and brightest in its industry, culture is ultimately key to success. Human Resources Director Adina Evans is passionate about fostering that culture at Tridiuum, where people sit high on the priority list. Uncovering what makes an organization tick—where employees actually want to work together—is no small feat, […]

Your First Mental Health Appointment: What to Expect

If you’ve decided to take the first step toward getting help with your mental health from a counselor, therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist, congratulations! You are on your way to becoming a healthier version of yourself, and that is worth celebrating. Even if you’ve had prior experiences with therapy, a refresher on what to expect may […]

New Directions Behavioral Health and Tridiuum Join Forces with Successful Florida Provider Program

Call Center agent sits at a desk with headphones.

Since their collaboration started in 2021, New Directions Behavioral Health (NDBH) and Tridiuum have shaken up the healthcare industry by increasing access to care, connecting patients to providers faster, and boosting overall quality of health. The need is clear: as a result of pandemic-related and other issues, the current standard for patients to book their […]

New Directions Behavioral Health and Tridiuum’s Florida Provider Program is Transforming Behavioral Health Outcomes

Call Center agent sits at a desk with headphones.

By Rachel Jenkins, Senior Content Strategist Since the start of their collaboration in 2021, New Directions Behavioral Health (NDBH) and Tridiuum have shaken up the industry by merging their healthcare resources. In the announcement of the partnership early this year, Mark Redlus (President of Tridiuum) noted how this move has come when the need for […]

Best Practices in a Digital Approach to Behavioral Health Screening

digital health assessment

By Cori McMahon, PsyD, NCCD, Vice President for Clinical Services    As we move toward a post-pandemic world, virtual care has become an essential avenue for health. Patients and providers alike have embraced connections via telehealth platforms and have taken a close and thoughtful look at how healthcare is delivered. Now, clinicians are  interested in […]

Reimagining Behavioral Healthcare in the Age of Digital Transformation

digital assessment behavioral health

By Amy Kwok, Research Assistant The ongoing shift within the U.S. healthcare system toward digitally enabled care models presents unique opportunities to further evolve the behavioral healthcare landscape. With increased integration of technology — including digital tools for assessments, symptom tracking, clinical decision support and overall treatment delivery — it’s worth examining the multidimensional value […]

Overcome Workforce Shortages in Behavioral Health

tele behavioral health workflow

While ongoing pandemic-related challenges and shifting demographics have led to workforce shortages across nearly every discipline in the healthcare industry, behavioral health has been experiencing some of the toughest supply and demand imbalances. That means providers have to find better ways to keep treatment on track so they can achieve positive outcomes sooner. A survey […]

Tridiuum Trailblazers: A New Way Forward With Steven Schwartz, PhD

By Rachel Jenkins Clinical research drives the progress of behavioral health treatment and service delivery, and Steven Schwartz, PhD, Tridiuum’s new Head of Clinical Science and Innovation, has found himself at the sweet spot where clinical research and technology come together. His diverse career in clinical psychology and human-centered design is inspiring a fresh vision […]