3 Trends in Women’s Behavioral Health Needs

May is Women’s Health Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, and many providers are renewing their efforts to meet the comprehensive physical and behavioral needs of women throughout their lives. This gender-focused attention is warranted because science tells us that women have unique factors related to their physiology and their lifestyles that should be considered when […]

Tridiuum and NOCD Partner to Diagnose OCD Patients Faster and Accelerate Access to Clinically Proven Treatment

Integration of solutions from top behavioral health company and leading specialty provider will facilitate rapid, data-driven referrals and empower patients to receive the right treatment in less time PHILADELPHIA – April 28, 2021 –Tridiuum, the nation’s premier provider of digital behavioral health solutions, and NOCD, the leading provider for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), today […]

Effects of Social Isolation Must Be Monitored Beyond The COVID-19 Era

In her latest article, Cori McMahon, Psy.D, NCCE and Tridiuum VP of Clinical Services explores the pervasive mental health impacts of the social isolation experienced by many throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Particularly affecting children and older adults, this often overlooked public health risk may have significant consequences over time. Read more — including ways behavioral […]

Racial Disparities Include Barriers to Behavioral Health Services

Racial and ethnic disparities in behavioral health

America is more ethnically and racially diverse than ever. This growing diversity amplifies the need for all behavioral health professionals to address barriers to care and other factors that influence outcomes for Black, Hispanic, Latinx, Native American, and Asian communities. Recent events in America have also underscored social inequities for nonwhite individuals — including inequities […]

CEO Mark Redlus Makes the Case for Behavioral Health Value in New Podcast

In the latest “Race To Value” podcast, presented by Western Governors University (WGU), in collaboration with the  Accountable Care Learning Collaborative (ACLC), Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus outlined his vision to advance the integration of behavioral health in the delivery system. Redlus spoke to Dr. Eric Weaver and Daniel Chipping of ACLC about the ways value can be […]

Infographic: How Did COVID-19 Impact Behavioral Health?

From fear and isolation to financial worries and future uncertainty, COVID-19 negatively affected the mental health of many people. Research is beginning to reveal just how deeply the pandemic has penetrated, underlining the need for access to behavioral health services. The following infographic depicts Tridiuum’s findings collected through 1.9 million behavioral health assessments and how […]

Millennial and Gen Z Consumers Want Tele-Behavioral Health Options

Using behavioral telehealth

Consumer preferences are influencing the health-service delivery model today more than ever before. As the voice of the patient becomes louder, each generation has a different message to share. For younger generations, it’s clear that digital health services are a basic expectation, and we’re discovering this is especially true for behavioral health treatment. Fortunately, care […]

Tridiuum Partners with Ginger to Guide Behavioral Health Patients to High-Quality, Cost-Effective Treatments

Tridiuum and Ginger

Integration of measurement-based solutions from top behavioral health companies like Ginger leverage data science to optimize access to mental healthcare for millions by connecting patients with the right treatment at the right time PHILADELPHIA – March 9, 2021 –Tridiuum, the nation’s premier provider of digital behavioral health solutions, announced today that Ginger, the leader in […]

Article points to mental health stigma exacerbating depression, anxiety in healthcare professionals

Cori McMahon, Psy.D, NCCE and Tridiuum VP of Clinical Services with Kelly Gilrain, PhD, Director of Psychology and Behavioral Medicine Services at Cooper University Health Care, take a closer look at the barriers preventing healthcare providers from seeking mental health treatment in the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic. They also share proven models above […]

Tridiuum is Selected by Western Psychological and Counseling Services to Help Large Provider Group to Deliver Top Quality, Data-Driven Care to Behavioral Health Patients

Tridiuum and Western Psychological and Counseling Services

Leaders in measurement-based care collaborate to demonstrate positive outcomes for tele-behavioral health and in-person patients in 2021 and beyond PHILADELPHIA – January 5, 2021 – Tridiuum, the nation’s premier provider of digital behavioral health solutions, today announced that Western Psychological and Counseling Services (Western) has selected the company’s comprehensive Tridiuum ONE platform to equip providers […]