New paper offers evidence, guidance for mental health concerns of healthcare workers treating COVID-19

The Psychological Impact of COVID-10 on Healthcare Workers - Report cover

While uncertainty abounds around the spread, treatment, and effects of COVID-19, it’s widely agreed upon that its long-term impact on U.S. healthcare will be unprecedented — not the least its psychological toll on the healthcare workers on the front lines. In the latest Tridiuum white paper, Cori McMahon, Psy.D, NCCE and VP of Clinical Services, […]

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Responding to Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19

Our response to anxiety-provoking situations and how to get out of survival mode Cori McMahon, VP of Clinical Services, Tridiuum  When faced with a situation that we think is dangerous — like the COVID-19 pandemic — our body’s natural reaction to the perceived threat is the fight-flight-freeze response. We might experience increased adrenaline and heart […]

Post-traumatic Growth and Understanding the Impact of Trauma

Yellow brick road

Lessons Learned from Dorothy’s Journey to the Land of Oz Cori McMahon, VP of Clinical Services, Tridiuum  I have spent almost a decade alongside countless patients faced with cancer and all of the arduous treatment that comes along with it. My perspective on life crises, trauma, and its outcomes has been shaped by hearing about, […]

Recorded webinar COVID 19 – Employee Mental Health & Wellness: Managing an Uncertain Landscape

COVID-19 - Employee Mental Health & Wellness: Managing an Uncertain Landscape

Tridiuum and the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT) recently hosted a webinar to help employers and managers navigate through the disruption of COVID-19 while supporting their teams’ mental health. Moderator Cori McMahon, PsyD, VP Clinical Services at Tridiuum and Director of Behavioral Medicine at Cooper University Hospital leads the discussion with panelists Michael […]

10xTotalPodcast: Katherine Redlus #COVID Coping Now

In his latest 10xTotalHealth podcast, host Mark Redlus gets personal. Tune in for insights from Katherine Redlus, singer, songwriter, keynote speaker — and Mark’s daughter —on her mental health journey from a 2018 suicide attempt to today’s COVID-19 challenges. Conducting the interview is Mark’s colleague Paul Castaldo, former clinical social worker and Chief Development Officer […]

In the News: Tridiuum Enables Remote Behavioral Healthcare for Providers and Patients with Addition of Video Sessions

Tridiuum ONE supports virtual visits

Company makes its Tridiuum ONE platform available at no cost to US-based providers PHILADELPHIA, Pa., April 20, 2020 –Tridiuum, the nation’s premier provider of digital behavioral health solutions, today announced the addition of HIPAA-compliant video capabilities to its Tridiuum ONE platform to enhance tele-behavioral health sessions. The cloud-based platform combines a digital behavioral health assessment […]

Tridiuum Steps Up to Keep Patients and Providers Connected

Mark Redlus

CEO Mark Redlus interviewed by Jim Bouchard on the Walking the Walk podcast In a special episode of Walking the Walk, Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus had a chance to share the big news of how Tridiuum has mobilized to support tele-behavioral health through its Tridiuum ONE platform in response to the COVID-19 pandemic — free […]

Tridiuum Launches Free Tele-Behavioral Health Platform to US-based Providers in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Person with anxiety using laptop for telehealth

Product enhancement for providers and patients will provide integrated tele-behavioral health for homebound and patients sheltering in place PHILADELPHIA, Pa., March 24, 2020 –Tridiuum, the nation’s premier provider of digital behavioral health solutions, today announced the expedited availability of tele-behavioral health sessions within the Tridiuum ONE platform. Effective immediately, healthcare providers can enroll with Tridiuum […]

Tridiuum Signs on with AAHCM for Telehealth Support of Senior Population with Behavioral Health Needs

Partnership to provide virtual visit resources to home health medical providers PHILADELPHIA, Pa., March 23, 2020 – Tridiuum, the nation’s premier provider of digital behavioral health solutions, announced today it has joined the Industry Relations Council (IRC) of the American Academy of Home Medicine (AAHCM). Doing so positions Tridiuum to address the urgent need to […]