Episode 3: Growing up a Brand New Product…and Company, to boot

Written By Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus Picking up right where we left off last week headed home from the conference… Shortly after dinner, I headed home. I had that feeling, you know the one, where you know something had fundamentally just changed, and you weren’t quite sure what you were going to do next, but you […]

Episode 2: Growing up a Brand New Product…and Company, to boot

Written By Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus Picking up right where we left off on the drive to Atlantic City… Due to the “7-minute session kickoff” I had arrived a little late for the start of the two-day conference in Atlantic City.  As Atlantic City goes, if you’re going to have a conference, this is the place.  I […]

Growing up a Brand-New Product… and Company to boot.

Written By Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus (A Small Company Start-up Tale in Digital Health) It happened fast.  Not Bugatti fast, but for an organization, a company, or a group of people to coalesce around an idea…this was fast. Really fast. Everyone who has ever been, dreamed of, or is on the way to becoming an entrepreneur, participating in a startup, […]

Tridiuum CEO interviewed for Knowledge@Wharton

Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus was interviewed on the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business radio program “Knowledge@Wharton” to discuss the growing use of technology for diagnosing and facilitating treatment of behavioral health issues. During the interview, he discussed the need to support behavioral health assessments for children, and introduced Tridiuum’s new assessment tool, Youth […]

Tridiuum to Attend World Congress’s Behavioral Health in Primary Care Summit

Tridiuum will be attending World Congress’s 6th Annual Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care Models Summit on May 22-23 in Orlando, Florida. The Summit will bring together healthcare leaders around the theme ‘Real Tactics to Make Integration Work.’ The theme, which is dedicated to making behavioral health integration an achievable reality, is a natural continuation […]

Polaris Health Directions Becomes TRIDIUUM to Better Reflect Bold Vision for Parity Between Behavioral and Medical Care

WAYNE, Pa. (May 11, 2017)- “Polaris Health Directions will now be known as Tridiuum,” announced CEO Mark A. Anthony. The new name better reflects the company’s mission to establish parity between behavioral and medical care by identifying, managing and coordinating the full continuum of behavioral health in traditional medical environments, beginning with primary care. The […]

Tridiuum Announces New Advisory Board

WAYNE, Pa. (May 9, 2017)- Tridiuum, Inc., the leader in linking behavioral health with medical care, today announced the formation of an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is comprised of experienced healthcare professionals who see the distinct need to bring parity to behavioral health and medical care. The members of the Advisory Board include: Rick […]

Making Primary Priority: Bringing Behavioral Health to Primary Care

Primary care physicians oversee the day-to-day healthcare needs of patients—both healthy and unhealthy. The nature of their work gives them the distinction of interacting with a greater number of patients than any other care provider. In addition to their sheer volume, primary care patients span a diverse range of ages, with a wider spectrum of […]

Pay. Provide. Receive. Transforming Life for Each of Healthcare’s Stakeholders.

Few things are more universally relevant to healthcare costs, quality and outcomes than behavioral health. Alarmingly, research tells us that 1 in 2 Americans will suffer from a behavioral health condition in their lifetime. Often times, these conditions lead to a degradation of care efficiency, results and most importantly, patient quality of life. The products […]

Why Only A Continuum-Wide Approach Can Solve Healthcare’s Behavioral Health Challenge

Anyone within an arm’s reach of the medical health ecosystem knows that behavioral health is an issue that needs to be solved. Due to behavioral health’s far-reaching impact and pertinence to care costs, quality and outcomes, bringing true parity between behavioral and medical care promises transformation for the entire healthcare landscape. Technological disruption can make […]