New Directions Behavioral Health and Tridiuum Join Forces with Successful Florida Provider Program

Call Center agent sits at a desk with headphones.

Since their collaboration started in 2021, New Directions Behavioral Health (NDBH) and Tridiuum have shaken up the healthcare industry by increasing access to care, connecting patients to providers faster, and boosting overall quality of health. The need is clear: as a result of pandemic-related and other issues, the current standard for patients to book their first appointment with a provider is an average of 25 days, at times even exceeding three months.

In December 2021, New Directions and Tridiuum launched a Florida-based provider program to address this by optimizing NDBH’s call center and network with Tridiuum’s assessment technology. The NDBH call center and care management team use Tridiuum ONE® to screen patients over the phone and book them directly with a network behavioral health provider. The two have proven to be a winning combination to cut down on wait times and ease the burden on patients. By April 2022, the care management team has completed over 5,000 screenings and booked more than 1,000 appointments, with an average wait time of only five days.

“Ultimately, if patients can get to a psychiatrist quickly and get medication, it helps them stay out of in-patient or residential services,” Benefit and Referral Specialist Jessica Galeazzi said. 


After over 5,000 screenings and 1,000 appointment bookings, the average time it takes for the New Directions + Tridiuum team to connect a first-time patient to an appointment is about five days.

The program has found early success in establishing a strong baseline of providers in the Florida market offering both in-person and virtual services for therapy and medication management. This success is supported by platform analytics that inform smart, data-driven targeted recruitment efforts to add providers where they are needed most to meet member demand.

“This is only the beginning of what New Directions and Tridiuum can accomplish. The positive feedback we’ve received confirms that we’re on the right track,” President and CEO of NDBH Shana Hoffman said.

New Directions and Tridiuum look forward to expanding the program in regions across the country, and the continued innovation that lies ahead.