New Polaris Solution Improves Outcomes, Lowers Treatment Costs for Wraparound Youth

Langhorne, PA (April 27, 2010)– Polaris Health Directions revealed its newest innovation, Polaris Smart-Wraparound for use with youth in wraparound programs, at a conference last week in San Francisco, Calif. This total solution supports states, counties and private providers as they determine the optimal service mix for the children they serve. 

Behavioral health care provided to youth is often based not on service need, but rather on what’s available. Consequently, children may receive not enough services or too many for their clinical profiles. The Polaris Smart-Wraparound solution refocuses the provider on a youth’s needs by effectively identifying the best available treatment course most likely to be successful for each youth. Ultimately, this leads to improved clinical outcomes and lower costs for youth behavioral care. 

“This groundbreaking solution for youth services means caseworkers no longer have to guess what kids need from the available services,” said Dr. Linda Toche-Manley, vice president of Polaris. “Instead, envision a world where youth get into those services that will be most effective for that child the first time, and are then followed systematically so if the treatment mix is not working something is done quickly instead of allowing the youth to fail again.”

In addition to the expected improvements in youth outcomes, Polaris’s projective analyses show that county-level providers would achieve significant cost savings over the long run as a result of diverting youth from less effective care. 

At the core of Smart-Wraparound is an online assessment that is strength-based and recovery-oriented. The system produces real-time actionable reports that incorporate the voices of the youth and parents, and can be used to guide clinicians and caseworkers in improving the care they provide. Its predictive technology and secure data management set Smart-Wraparound apart. 

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