A few minutes with…Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus

Mental Health Assessment Software

In a one-on-one with Philadelphia Business Journal, Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus overviews the digital health company’s technology, its applicability to early identification of and intervention in behavioral issues and new developments.

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The Article Explains:

Tridiuum, a Wayne-based medical technology company formerly known as Polaris Health Directions, adopted its new name last year as it shifted from a research-focused enterprise supported by grants to a venture capital-backed clinical product company. Its core platform, Tridiuum1, is a mental health assessment and outcomes tool that uses algorithms and a proprietary scoring system to help clinicians evaluate and monitor patients suffering from a variety of conditions ranging from depression to substance use. The platform has been used in more than 1.2 million patient visits by about 4,200 providers at more than 600 facilities nationwide.

On the Topic of Suicide Prevention:
Senior Reporter John George asked, “Suicide, unfortunately, has been in the headlines this month with the revelations about celebrity chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain and fashion designer Kate Spade. As a company whose product is designed to help clinicians more quickly identify patients with suicidal thoughts, what is your reaction when you read stories about suicides, celebrity or otherwise?”

Redlus responded:
“We have an epidemic brewing. People are feeling this societal pressure that they are not good enough or they don’t have the coping mechanisms to deal with the mounting overwhelmingness they are faced with…Our push is to get into the health care ecosystem earlier. We are in mental health and substance use right now, but patients have typically already been referred into those situations or have self-selected to get help. Primary care is the big push. We are trying to get our product over to primary care to help facilitate the screening and early identification of issues, not just suicide, and get them into the appropriate level of intervention they need. Right now about 5 percent of the population finds its way into specialty care, mental health or addiction care, but more than 15 percent of the population needs more advanced care and isn’t getting it. That’s where you’re getting this uptick in suicidal ideation. You need to get at it faster, earlier and more frequently.”

Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus sits down with the Philadelphia Business Journal for a one-on-one

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