Polaris Health Directions Becomes TRIDIUUM to Better Reflect Bold Vision for Parity Between Behavioral and Medical Care

WAYNE, Pa. (May 11, 2017)- “Polaris Health Directions will now be known as Tridiuum,” announced CEO Mark A. Anthony. The new name better reflects the company’s mission to establish parity between behavioral and medical care by identifying, managing and coordinating the full continuum of behavioral health in traditional medical environments, beginning with primary care.

The company’s new name and product, Tridiuum1, represent a commitment to the triple aim of better patient outcomes, faster results and lower costs. “Our value proposition extends to the patient, provider and payer,” said Anthony. “Our long-term objective is to match behavioral, medical and claims data to build the first truly predictive integrated model of care. Everybody wins.”

Supported by a state-of-the-art coordination center, coupled with tele-behavioral care services, Tridiuum’s technology is used by more than 1,500 clinicians each day, treating thousands of active patients daily.

Said Anthony, “Tridiuum is pioneering true behavioral integrated care. Through our years of study and real life use, we are setting a new standard for each element of behavioral care. We’re the only company that delivers all of the elements associated with identifying, managing, coordinating and treating behavioral health for a lifetime.”

About Tridiuum
Tridiuum is a Wayne, PA., based digital health behavioral integration company. Tridiuum’s SaaS based, turnkey products promote parity between behavioral and medical health in traditional, mainstream medical settings by supporting providers in the diagnosis, treatment and management of their patient’s behavioral issues. Based upon 20 years of research, the company has a proven track record of markedly improving patient outcomes, accelerating providers’ ability to treat patients and reducing the overall cost of care.

Tridiuum’s products are deployed from coast-to-coast across leading health care systems, embedded in hundreds of clinical environments, helping improve the health of patients continuously. For more information, visit www.tridiuum.com.


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Marketing Manager