Polaris Health Directions Expands Offering to Providers in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment with Polaris for Behavioral Care

Visit tridiuum.com/behavioral to learn more about Polaris for Behavioral Care.

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA. November 30, 2016 – Polaris Health Directions recently launched Polaris for Behavioral Care, a new web-based offering that adapts Polaris’s successful technology to the clinical needs and compliance requirements of smaller providers specializing in mental health and addiction treatment. “This feature rich program is an extension of our commitment to putting a very human face on behavioral care in every single setting,” states Mark Anthony, CEO of Polaris Health Directions.

The product delivers intuitive patient screeners and assessments to establish a normed and validated Behavioral Health Impairment (BHI) score. Providers can view and engage with this information in greater detail to identify risk levels, access alerts, manage tasks, and track results. Mark Redlus, Senior Vice President of Polaris Innovation Labs states, “We have always been dedicated to integrating behavioral health into every care specialty and setting. This product extension further achieves that mission.”

For a limited time, behavioral health and addiction treatment providers are invited to try Polaris for Behavioral Care in a free, 30-day trial. To learn more, or sign up for a trial, visit tridiuum.com/behavioral.

About Polaris Health Directions

Polaris Health Directions is the industry leader in Digital Behavioral Clinical Intervention, with a dynamic offering that brings patient insights to the point of care to systematically measure, manage and reduce state of health risk at the patient and population level. By taking nearly two decades of evidence-based science out of the lab and into clinical practice, Polaris is centrally focused on addressing behavioral health related risk to drive better decisions, greater efficiency, and improved health care outcomes. Recognizing the nexus between psychosocial and physical health, Polaris delivers a digital clinical intervention that is powering better care.