Polaris Launches New Website Highlighting Its System’s Value to All Health Care Stakeholders

WAYNE, PA. June 16, 2016 – Collaborative behavioral care technology provider Polaris Health Directions recently unveiled an evolved web presence that quantifies the impact of its technology for each of health care’s many stakeholders—including providers, payers and patients.

Among the site’s new features are integrated ROI statistics, and a resource center focused on the integration of behavioral health. The site’s interactive user experience enables visitors to explore the metrics, content and value proposition most relevant to them to fully understand Polaris’s offering and benefits.

The decision to transform the site arose as Polaris sought to fully capture the value Polaris delivers at each level of the health care system.

“We are working with a number of hospital health systems, payers and other strategic partners that have a large spectrum of objectives,” said John McLaughlin, SVP Sales & Business Development at Polaris Health Directions. “Each stakeholder needs to understand quickly how our technology will enhance their approach to population health and risk management initiatives, as well as support patient engagement and the clinical services they provide. The new site brings into focus the benefits of the system, quantifying the positive effect on patient outcomes, greater work flow efficiencies and lower costs.”

A second directional objective was to make the web embody the insight Polaris delivers to customers. “Our system and our team both deliver a wealth of insights to the providers and payers with whom we partner,” said Mark A. Anthony, Chief Executive Officer of Polaris Health Directions. “The new site aims to be a reflection of the experience that our customers have come to expect from their interactions with Polaris. The new site, like our team, focuses on being relevant, intuitive and insightful.”

About Polaris Health Directions

Polaris Health Directions is an industry leader in collaborative behavioral care technology. By taking nearly two decades of evidence-based science out of the lab and into clinical practice, Polaris is centrally focused on addressing behavioral health related risk to drive better decisions, greater efficiency, and improved health care outcomes. Recognizing the nexus between psychosocial and physical health, Polaris delivers powerful solutions for better health care delivery.