Polaris Releases Latest Version of iPad Interface for its Oncology Distress Management System

Langhorne, PA (May 21, 2014)- Polaris has unveiled the latest enhancement to its Polaris Oncology Distress Management System—an upgraded iPad interface for administering the psychosocial distress and needs assessment. The new interface improves the patient experience and is sensitive to the needs of older adults.

Modifications to the iPad platform include increasing the font size for questions, and adding larger option buttons. The number pad and keyboard now automatically pop up at the start of the assessment, simplifying the process for those who are unfamiliar with the iPad. 

The addition of a stylus replicates filling in circles on a paper chart, which creates a more user friendly, familiar interaction for many patients.

The changes were based on feedback from current clients, and reflect Polaris’s continuous commitment to deliver a platform that offers both maximum utility and user satisfaction.

The Polaris Oncology system is used by cancer treatment centers around the United States to facilitate routine distress screening, assessment, reporting and treatment referral for patients. By providing real-time information on a patient’s psychosocial status, Polaris Oncology helps its clients deliver exemplary care and improve the quality of life for the cancer patients they treat.

For more information on the enhanced iPad interface or on Polaris Oncology, please send an email to: moreinfo@polarishealth.com.

About Polaris Health Directions

Polaris Health Directions has been a pioneer in the development of behavioral health assessment and outcomes management platforms for nearly two decades. Polaris’s enterprise cloud-based systems capture the information essential for determining the best course of care. Their advanced analytics help organizations execute quality improvement initiatives, apply needed services, identify cost reduction opportunities and, in many cases, indicate whether a particular course of treatment is likely to have a positive result. Systems are available for a wide range of health care settings; all support interdisciplinary coordination. By recognizing the nexus between psychosocial health and physical health, Polaris offers powerful solutions for better health care delivery. Follow Polaris on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.