Polaris Unveils First Single Source Platform for Cancer Navigation, Distress & Survivorship

WAYNE, Pa. (February 17, 2015)- With upwards of 1.6 million new cancer diagnoses expected this year, delivering comprehensive cancer care across the continuum demands a smart, flexible technological solution.

Since 2010, Polaris Health Directions has offered the premier oncology distress management system on the market, with automated psychosocial needs assessment, reporting and referral. Now Polaris is set to release the first single source solution that integrates distress management, patient navigation and survivorship care planning.

The flexible, Web-based platform, Polestar Oncology, is establishing the model for technology-enabled integrated behavioral health care. At its foundation is the rigorous, peer-reviewed science for which Polaris is known, while its upgraded delivery system reflects the latest advancements in health IT.

“The new Polestar Oncology will provide unparalleled support for patients and their cancer care teams from diagnosis through survivorship,” said Dr. Tina Harralson, science director at Polaris. “By seamlessly integrating the behavioral health component into oncology care, patients will receive a richer treatment experience that should drive better outcomes and an enhanced quality of life.”

The latest generation of Polaris’s oncology system offers the core features of the original product, but with several new enhancements.

Residing on Polaris’s new adaptive Polestar platform, patients complete the updated patient screener on an iPad in less than three minutes. The questions are presented in an intuitive format and assess the five domains of distress: physical, financial, social, spiritual and psychological.

Polestar Oncology’s support for nurse navigators—those responsible for guiding patients through the emotionally and logistically difficult cancer treatment process—includes facilitating the assessment of personal and community barriers to care and the referral process.

Post treatment, Polestar Oncology supports survivorship care planning by automating information sharing between providers, such as cancer treatment history and psychosocial and referral information, and by delivering tailored educational modules, among other features. The product simplifies the transition from the oncologist to the primary care physician for both providers and patients.

A paradigm for interoperability, Polestar Oncology can stand alone or fully integrate with existing health IT systems using the Cloverleaf Integration Suite. This means better collaboration and interdisciplinary communication starting with diagnosis and continuing well into survivorship.

For further information, please email moreinfo@polarishealth.com or visit http://tridiuum.com/oncology.