Research Leader Emil Chiauzzi Outlines Digital Health Potential In Journal Article

Emil Chiauzzi

In the latest edition of Digital Biomarkers, Emil Chiauzzi, Ph.D., Tridiuum Head of Research, and Paul Wicks, Ph.D., Independent Consultant at Wicks Digital Health, describe the unrealized potential of digital medicine in behavioral health.

The article Beyond the Therapist’s Office: Merging Measurement-Based Care and Digital Medicine in the Real World focuses on the ways in which digital medicine and measurement-based care can work in tandem to promote better assessment, patient engagement, and improved quality of care.

Drs. Chiauzzi and Wicks provide insight on:

  • Measurement-based care as a model for digital measurement
  • Enhancing measurement-based care through digital measurement tools
  • Implications of an enhanced measurement-based care model

They also note the provider benefits when using digital medicine in behavioral health, such as reduced strain on the clinical workflow and fewer staffing challenges.

Read the full text of the journal article here.