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Tridiuum Behavioral Health Assessments

Digital behavioral health assessments integrate proprietary questions informed by two decades of research with gold-standard behavioral health scales. Results are delivered to the provider in real time as an assessment is completed.


Technology platform
The Tridiuum1 platform delivers actionable insights at the point of care. It serves as a foundation for behavioral health evaluation and supports clinical decision making throughout the continuum of care. The platform is hosted on a HIPAA-compliant cloud and can integrate with electronic health records.

Proprietary metrics
Tridiuum has developed a unique, psychometrically sound measurement to quantify the severity of a patient’s behavioral health issues. The changing BHI score during treatment is tracked along an individualized Expected Treatment Response curve generated by the Tridiuum1 platform.

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for patients, providers and health systems, across the continuum of care.

Patient Assessment

Assessments are an important component to feedback informed treatment. Self-reported domains include depression, anxiety, substance use, PTSD and suicidality, among others. Many of these topics might not have otherwise been shared by the patient. Therapeutic alliance between patient and provider is also tracked throughout behavioral health treatment.

97% of patients who start an assessment complete it

It takes just a few minutes.

Patients complete the Tridiuum web-based assessment at intake. Progress is measured by regularly administered update assessments throughout treatment.

Assessments offered for different patient populations include:

  • Adult mental health
  • Youth mental health for ages 5 – 17
  • Substance use
  • Primary care
  • Oncology

An intake assessment takes an average of 4 minutes. Assessment updates are made at subsequent visits to measure progress and could take just 2 to 3 minutes.

→ Platform


The cloud-based Tridiuum1 behavioral health outcomes management platform is an advanced data-collection-and-analytics engine. The platform provides real-time and meaningful results for monitoring a patient’s symptoms and progress during treatment.

Features Proprietary Metrics

Behavioral Health Index Score

BHI Score

Behavioral Health Index

A patient’s responses to ongoing assessments surface the real-time nature and severity of behavioral health issues. The platform applies a proprietary algorithm to the responses, resulting in a composite score that reflects the current state of behavioral health.

A color-coded score indicates changing severity on a scale of 0-100 (most severe). Severity alerts are immediately sent to a provider if a patient indicates a critical problem. As a patient is reassessed during the course of treatment, the BHI scores are reviewed against the Expected Treatment Response curve.

ETR Curve

Expected Treatment Response

Based on responses to the intake assessment, proprietary Tridiuum algorithms predict the trajectory of the patient’s change during treatment on an Expected Treatment Response curve.

With each completed update assessment, a new BHI score is plotted against the curve to determine if the patient is progressing as expected. This allows providers to objectively evaluate patient change and to easily identify cases where modifications to the treatment plan may be beneficial.

Data makes a difference

For providers and health system management, the Tridiuum1 platform displays dashboards and customized reports to manage and track patient populations and programs.

Through the specially designed Clinical Home dashboard, a provider can quickly view summaries of patients on his/her caseload, including current assessment scores compared to intake scores and any triggered critical alerts. Results are surfaced in real time, yielding immediate actionable information to providers.
In-depth individual patient information is easily accessed through the Patient Tab. Here providers find detailed results from the current assessment, a progress graph, and summaries and reports for all assessments completed by a patient.
The Provider Dashboard displays patient- and caseload-level data focused on treatment progress. Providers can quickly identify patients who could benefit from modifications to the treatment plan. Through extensive filters, providers can discover patient subpopulations with which he/she is especially effective.
The Mental Health Dashboard enables analysis of population health data aiding in planning, evaluating and resource allocation at the program and health-system level. Aggregate patient metrics (as shown) include key scores, such as the BHI, depression and anxiety. Program metrics show critical performance measures, including effectiveness, utilization and prevalence of alerts. A variety of filtering options allow for analysis of important time frames, subpopulations and groups. Advanced analytics can be applied and filtered, resulting in meaningful and actionable insights for patients, care teams and administrators.

Feedback informed treatment has been proven to increase clinically significant change: decrease therapy drop-out rates; decrease deterioration; reduce hospitalizations/shorten stays; and significantly reduce cost of care.

What They’re Saying About Tridiuum

Providers Say…

About two-thirds of providers in a survey said that they learned something about a patient from the [patient] report that changed his/her approach to treatment in a meaningful way.

Here are some direct quotes:

“I found out about trauma history and PTSD symptoms in a patient who would not have otherwise disclosed it. Found out about suicide attempts, in spite of having taken an initial comprehensive history.”

“Patient revealed illegal Suboxone use. I was able to refer him to legitimate treatment.”

“I transferred someone who said they’d feel more comfortable with a therapist of the same gender. After a year of treatment this patient hadn’t told me this directly, but it did come up through the therapeutic alliance questions.”

Management Say…

“I’m a numbers guy who firmly believes you can’t manage what you don’t measure . . . Sometimes you have patients who are in treatment but are not recovering in ways you would expect. If you don’t get honest feedback from those patients, there won’t be a course correction to get them back on track . . .

Tridiuum is an easy-to-use feedback system and provides an important communication channel between a patient and a provider. It plays a critical role with patients who might feel uncomfortable bringing up sensitive issues in person, but will indicate those same issues on a digital platform . . .

Over the last 40 years and hundreds of randomized control trials, we as a field have not actually improved the average effect of psychotherapy. Having a feedback system in place appears to be one intervention capable of moving the needle of clinical effectiveness.”

— Dr. Samuel Nordberg, Medical Director, Behavioral Health Informatics and Innovation, Atrius Health

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