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Room for improvement in helping domestic violence survivors get the mental health care they need

A new study has identified a number of obstacles that stop domestic violence survivors from receiving mental health care--even when they had access to services. Societal stigmas, shame, privacy concerns, health care costs and a lack of information have all played a role in preventing women from receiving the care they need to help overcome the psychological impact of abuse.

Posted by Tridiuum   |   June 13, 2013



Industry Beat

Routinely screen women for domestic violence, says U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

This week the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force released a recommendation to routinely screen for abuse all women of childbearing age --whether or not there exist outward signs of trauma-- and to refer women who report violence to appropriate services. The recommendation was published in an online edition of the Annals of Internal Medicine. The decision to endorse routine screening is an important step toward improving the early identification of abuse and minimizing the long-term physical and psychological impact of domestic violence.

Posted by Tridiuum   |   January 22, 2013




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