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How we respond to daily stress can have an impact on long-term mental health, suggests UC Irvine study

Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, have found that negative emotional responses to the stresses of daily life predicted negative mental health outcomes 10 years later. The results are based on data from two national longitudinal surveys, which included a combined 711 male and female participants aged 25 to 74: Midlife Development in the United States and the National Study of Daily Experiences.

Posted by Tridiuum   |   April 2, 2013


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Evidence-based treatment still a rarity for mental health patients

An item in today's New York Times "Well" blog takes a look at evidence-based treatment and the gap that still exists between research and clinical practice in the mental health field. As an example, writer Harriet Brown points to a 2009 meta-analysis on the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a course of treatment proven effective by a substantial body of research. The study showed that CBT was rare for psychiatric patients in the United States and Great Britain.

Posted by Tridiuum   |   March 25, 2013



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Targeting mental health among low-income adults may help reverse unhealthy behaviors, study suggests

A new study from the Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine at The Miriam Hospital has found that depression, stress and anxiety may predict risky behaviors, including smoking, binge drinking, poor diet, unprotected sex and drug abuse, reports ScienceDaily. The research team also explored whether the relationship went the other way --with unhealthy behaviors triggering mental health problems--but failed to find a connection. The authors suggest that adults who have poor mental health turn to drugs or alcohol, for example, as a means to cope.

Posted by Tridiuum   |   February 5, 2013




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Ohio report advocates for better funding for mental health supportive services

Mental health care often includes a continuum of services that are crucial to an individual's full recovery. Beyond addressing mental health symptomology, the mentally ill may also need assistance finding housing or employment, for example, or they may need transportation, crisis intervention or protective services. Unfortunately, not all of these supportive services are reimbursable by Ohio's Medicaid program. Consequently, programs must choose which services they can fund.

Posted by Tridiuum   |   December 8, 2012




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