Treating mind & body

This week, the president of the American Medical Association wrote a commentary for American Medical News to advocate for the integration of mental health treatment within medical care. With high rates of mental distress particularly among young adults, the aging population and within the military, managing mental illness can help achieve better health outcomes.

“The need for integration is great,” Dr. Jeremy Lazarus wrote. “When something is wrong in the brain or the mind, it affects the whole person. As we continue to work to reform our health care system, we cannot overlook the importance of including mental health care in the equation.”

Polaris’s behavioral health outcomes management systems support the integration to which Dr. Lazarus refers. We currently offer solutions for managing psychosocial distress for cancer patients, depression and anxiety among those with cardiac disease and to assess behavioral health in primary care, among others. Learn more about Polaris’s behavioral health outcomes solutions for the medical setting.