Tridiuum and New Directions Combination Featured in Behavioral Health Blog

Digital Behavioral Health

Mark Redlus, Tridiuum CEO, and Shana Hoffman, President & CEO of New Directions Behavioral Health, recently spoke to Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech about the new partnership that has combined the two companies together to create a leading provider of technology-enabled behavioral health services.

The blog sets the stage by noting that the recently announced partnership between Tridiuum and New Directions “will decrease wait time, increase access to care, and improve quality of care.”

“Jointly, we will be providing users with real-time information to support improved clinical decision-making while also measuring quality of care,” Redlus said. “The result is accelerated access to the most appropriate care for New Directions’ members.”

And the data is already demonstrating positive results for individuals with behavioral health concerns, dramatically reducing their average wait time for an appointment to just four days.

“In the behavioral health ecosystem, current average time to care sits at around 25 days, with some patients waiting over 90 days for their first appointment,” Hoffman said. “Achieving an average time to care of just four days is game-changing for our members.”

Tridiuum’s suite of solutions is now fully integrated with New Directions’ existing care navigation and human services capabilities, enabling the combined company to deliver even smarter outcomes at scale.

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