Tridiuum Broadens Its Relationship with Enable Consulting

Tridiuum Broadens Its Relationship with Enable Consulting to Expand the Capabilities of the Digital Health Company’s Platform Integrating Behavioral Health into Total Health

WAYNE, Pa. Aug. 21, 2018 – Tridiuum Inc., a digital health company integrating behavioral health into total health, has signed a two-year agreement with Enable Consulting (Enable), extending and broadening a relationship established between the two Pennsylvania companies in 2014.

Under the agreement, Enable will support the company’s product and engineering teams with augmented architecture and full-stack development, as well as continue to provide quality assurance (QA) capabilities.’

“Expanding Enable’s footprint within Tridiuum allows us to dynamically scale in response to accelerated demand for our current solutions, while also making critical product-development decisions and selective moves as we approach a new year and new opportunities,” said Tridiuum CEO Mark Redlus.

Why Enable? Redlus explained: “When I joined Tridiuum (then Polaris Health Directions) as SVP of Innovation, we needed a strong technology partner to help us move forward in our planned commercialization of almost two decades of behavioral health research.

“So, I reached out to Joe Cellucci, Enable’s founder, CEO and managing partner, whom I’ve known since we were both in senior leadership positions at IT consulting firm CoreTech at the dawn of the Internet Age.

“At first, Enable came in to assess Tridiuum’s existing codebase and provide quality assurance [QA],” Redlus continued. “But, as Tridiuum progressed in its transition from a research organization to a successful commercial enterprise, the relationship also grew, with Enable not only supporting our technology development, but also filling out our technical team.

Enable is in essence our strategic development factory, providing for quickly expanding product and engineering needs, as well as project management and business analysis.

“With this agreement, we are now engaged in a full-blown partnership,” Redlus said. “Enable is in essence our strategic development factory, providing for quickly expanding product and engineering needs, as well as project management and business analysis. Their intuitive feel for transformative product architecture and capital-efficient build-out support are essential prerequisites for our company’s long-term success.”

“We are truly an extension of the Tridiuum organization,” said Enable CEO Cellucci. “We are not a traditional outsourced development team. We work hand in hand, side by side to design, implement, support, and mature the Tridiuum behavioral health solution. Emerging growth companies like Tridiuum need fast-moving partners who ‘get’ the pace, creative capital efficiency requirements and demonstrable progress that’s needed to achieve the next critical funding and/or business milestone.”


About Tridiuum (Formerly Polaris Health Directions, founded 1997)

Tridiuum - Integrating Behavioral Health into Total HealthTridiuum’s behavioral health solution accelerates all elements associated with identifying, managing, coordinating and treating behavioral health across the continuum of care. Its cloud-based platform, Tridiuum1, delivers measurable improvements in access, management and outcomes — for patients, providers, and health systems. A predictive analytics-based engine, the Tridiuum1 platform delivers actionable insights at the point of care to accelerate and improve clinical decision-making and patient outcomes. The company’s scalable behavioral health outcomes management technology, including its unique metric to quantify behavioral health, seamlessly integrates with most electronic health records and health-IT software.


Enable Consulting

Enable Consulting - Tridiuum partnerEnable Consulting has been providing business technology services since 2002, delivering solutions in business and IT consulting; architecture and development; sales and marketing services; and B2B automation to major brands across a variety of industries, as well as to a range of technology startups taking new products to market. The firm offers comprehensive services, covering the full project life cycle from inception to ongoing support and maintenance, leveraging leading cloud applications and development platforms, including Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, and open-source toolsets. Enable is headquartered in Fort Washington, Pa., with locations in Bethlehem, Pa., and Denver, Colo.
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