Behavioral health providers need help now. Tridiuum delivers with FREE, secure virtual visits.

We understand that behavioral health providers are under tremendous pressure to find a quick solution to treat their patients remotely. And we know it isn’t easy for either providers or their patients to switch from the comfort of face-to-face appointments to virtual visits.

Other commonly used teleconference platforms may not recognize the sensitivity required for patient interactions, because they don’t understand behavioral health. Tridiuum brings together a secure, reliable telehealth platform, combined with more than a decade of experience in the use of evidence-based tools designed specifically for behavioral healthcare.

Tridiuum ONE enables rapid identification of patient risks at the outset of the virtual session. Providers get to spend more time engaging with patients on what’s most important to them – their immediate needs and concerns, helping in ways never imagined in a virtual visit.

In response to these unprecedented times, Tridiuum is offering Tridiuum ONE to providers for free through July 31, 2020. Sign up today and you’ll receive immediate access to all of the platform’s behavioral health assessment and management features, including HIPAA-compliant, video-based visit capabilities. Providers enrolling with Tridiuum ONE can also:

  • Safely transition from in person to virtual visits
  • Get up and running with your first virtual visit within 24 hours
  • Get trained quickly with pre-recorded and live sessions
  • Receive industry-leading support from a company experienced in behavioral healthcare

The Tridiuum ONE platform is backed by years of experience in supporting safe, behavioral healthcare encounters. Tridiuum’s assessment and analytic capabilities enhances virtual interactions and improves the shared experience that you and your patients need during this crisis.

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Enroll Today