Automate treatment progress tracking, improve efficiency, and maximize potential revenue

As the importance of behavioral healthcare to an individual’s total well-being and related cost of care increases, behavioral health organizations find themselves in a unique situation. First, they are rapidly becoming part of the value equation for patient care quality and overall outcomes – this is good. Second, as a recognized value contributor, they are also being asked to demonstrate results – this can present challenges.

The fact that there aren’t enough behavioral clinicians to support the number of patients needing care further complicates the situation.

The good news is that Tridiuum ONE can help.

Designed by behavioral experts who understand the clinical behavioral workflow, Tridiuum ONE helps behavioral health organizations:

  • Streamline manual tasks, such as patient assessments
  • Automate patient progress tracking
  • Gain evidence-based insights into patient progress
  • Achieve desired outcomes faster, increasing clinician capacity for new patients
  • Analyze results across clinicians
  • Generate revenue from reimbursable treatment activities
  • Generate reporting for quality measures
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