Assess, match and quickly connect members to the appropriate behavioral health provider to drive optimal treatment and outcomes.

As healthcare continues to evolve, health plans understand they must respond to the market’s demands for affordability, greater care access, and an improved consumer experience. They must also continue to innovate around new ways of doing business that improve quality without increasing spend.

Proven to deliver better outcomes and reduce avoidable costs, integrating behavioral care in the medical care setting leads to improved identification of health plan members with behavioral health needs. This enables faster treatment, which directly affects overall outcomes and healthcare costs.

Likewise, equipping behavioral health providers with evidence-based tools for measuring patient progress is proven to reduce treatment times by up to 50%, improving outcomes and increasing clinician capacity to treat new patients.

Health plans that deploy Tridiuum ONE® can:

  • Empower network providers to identify and coordinate behavioral healthcare
  • Increase member access to appropriate care
  • Improve medical loss ratios (MLR)
  • Obtain valuable population insights via analytics and dashboards
  • Improve member satisfaction through a more connected care experience
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To further streamline member access and care coordination, health plans can implement Tridiuum ONE Connect, an add-on capability that automates call center and care navigator activities.

With Tridiuum ONE Connect, health plans can:

  • Robust evaluation of network performance
  • Improve member wait times for appointments by nearly 70%
  • Reduce members who “fall through the cracks” with a continuous workflow that keeps them engaged in the process
  • Match members with the best providers for their conditions
  • Deliver a better member experience
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