Ease the transition to value-based care, manage risk effectively, and demonstrate better quality at lower costs

Under increasing pressure to meet quality measures and accept risk amid declining reimbursements, health systems must find ways to improve care quality, deliver better outcomes, and generate sustainable revenues.

Integrating behavioral health with medical care positions health systems to address these challenges head on. Industry studies prove the positive impact of a “total care” approach on outcomes and the overall cost of care, yet many organizations haven’t embraced it simply because they haven’t had the tools and the reimbursement structures in place. Till now.

With Tridiuum ONE®, health systems can:

  • Automate the operations associated with integrating behavioral and medical care
  • Rapidly identify at-risk patients in any care setting
  • Streamline patient access to care
  • Generate revenue from reimbursable treatment activities
  • Establish a foundation for value-based care
  • Provide treatment planning for graduation from care
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And to further streamline patient access to behavioral services, health systems can implement Tridiuum ONE Connect, an add-on capability that automates call center and care navigator activities.

With Tridiuum ONE Connect, health systems can:

  • Improve patient wait times for appointments by nearly 70%
  • Reduce patients who “fall through the cracks” with a continuous workflow that keeps them engaged in the process
  • Leverage AI to match patients with the best providers for their conditions
  • Deliver a better patient experience
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