Deliver highly coordinated care to produce optimal outcomes at the lowest costs

As organizations in the unique position of providing healthcare and health plan services, integrated delivery networks (IDNs) face challenges further complicated when behavioral care goes unintegrated. The health plan bears the most risk for the member/patient costs, making the quality of care delivery a common priority for both sides of the business.

Additionally, confronted with increased competition, patient/member experience concerns, and a tough regulatory environment, IDNs need better ways to drive value, reduce costs, and coordinate care.

Knowing that untreated behavioral issues dramatically impact the severity and cost to treat medical conditions makes an integrated care approach a no-brainer. IDNs need a streamlined way to identify behavioral conditions early, before they spiral out of control and negatively impact existing medical conditions, costs, and patient/member wellbeing.

That’s where Tridiuum fits.

With Tridiuum ONE®, IDNs can:

  • Empower providers to identify behavioral issues and coordinate integrated care
  • Improve member/patient satisfaction through a more connected care experience
  • Rapidly identify at-risk patients in any care setting
  • Increase member/patient access to appropriate care
  • Improve medical loss ratios (MLR)
  • Obtain valuable population insights via analytics and dashboards
  • Increase revenue by improving RAF score accuracy
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And to further streamline patient access and care coordination, IDNs can implement Tridiuum ONE Connect, an add-on capability that automates call center and care navigator activities.

With Tridiuum ONE Connect, IDNs can:

  • Improve patient wait times for appointments by nearly 70%
  • Reduce patients who “fall through the cracks” with a continuous workflow that keeps them engaged in the process
  • Match patients with the best providers for their conditions
  • Deliver a better patient experience
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