Tridiuum Highlights the Impact of Measurement-Based Care on Behavioral Health Outcomes

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Sept. 10, 2019 – Tridiuum, the leading provider of digital health solutions for accelerating behavioral and medical care integration, today published a white paper challenging the industry to look beyond behavioral health access issues and focus with equal intent on the value of measuring behavioral health progress.

“We all acknowledge the issues plaguing this country when it comes to behavioral health access,” said Mark Redlus, Tridiuum CEO. “It’s a serious problem that must be resolved. In fact, at Tridiuum we devote significant resources to developing solutions to improve access – it’s one of our main areas of focus. At the same time, we firmly believe that fixing the access problem alone will not improve behavioral health status. It’s going to take a combination of better access and measurement of patient behavioral progress in a way that informs treatment to move the needle. That’s what this white paper emphasizes.”

In addition to MBC as a driver of better outcomes, the white paper further explores its impact on value-based care, outlining a value framework that results in better quality care and economic advantages in both the medical and behavioral provider settings.

“Consistently measuring a patient’s progress provides behavioral clinicians with the information needed to make treatment adjustments and achieve desired outcomes faster,” said Redlus. “It improves quality and outcomes, which is the basis for so many value-based models. Everyone wins.”

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About Tridiuum

Tridiuum accelerates the integration of behavioral and medical care, and then takes it a step further, advancing behavioral treatment progress. The company’s digital health platform, TridiuumOne, combines nearly 20 years of behavioral health research and clinical expertise with technical fluency. It is proven to identify behavioral conditions faster, accelerate access to care, engage patients for valuable feedback, and deliver vital treatment progress tracking – all leading to improved outcomes. The scalable technology also integrates seamlessly with most electronic health records and health IT software. More than 600 clinical facilities use the TridiuumOne platform, with more than 2,500 behavioral health providers using it to advance treatment for more than 4,400 patients every day.