Tridiuum Outlines The Use Of Measurement-Based Care For Addiction Treatment In A New White Paper

measurement based care addiction

Quantified clinical measures capture treatment progress as described in a free white paper
from Tridiuum and provider partner Vertava Health

PHILADELPHIA – September 8, 2021 – Tridiuum, the digital behavioral health ecosystem and network management partner, and its provider partner, Vertava Health, today released a groundbreaking white paper, Measure Progress, Not Perfection: Applying Measurement-Based Care to Addiction Treatment. The white paper offers a detailed look at how the two behavioral health leaders collaborated to create, launch, and scale a process for tracking patient progress in addiction treatment.

Measurement-Based Care (MBC) is the practice of using patient feedback throughout the behavioral health continuum of care to improve treatment and enhance outcomes. The new white paper describes MBC’s efficacy and the benefits of applying it to treatment for substance use disorder (SUD).

“Providers need reliable outcomes data to refine addiction treatment at the population level as well as at the individual patient level,” said Emil Chiauzzi, Ph.D., Tridiuum Head of Research. “However, there is no single post-intervention moment that can truly gauge the effectiveness of treatment because recovery is a lifelong journey. By applying MBC, providers gain actionable insight into patient progress, overcoming the common challenges of episodic treatment, relapse, and lack of consensus on appropriate outcome measures.”

Given the unique challenges, Tridiuum and Vertava Health pioneered a process for applying MBC to addiction treatment by leveraging the Tridiuum ONE platform to collect actionable, real-time patient assessments. The resulting Patient Profiles, Intake Reports, Monitoring Reports, and the Analytics Dashboard offer quantified details that allow providers to track patient progress easily and with greater detail.

“We believe that all stakeholders, including patients, clinicians, treatment organizations, and the larger healthcare ecosystem, have much to gain from MBC data,” said Dr. Chiauzzi. “The more we measure, the better we can refine addiction treatment and help patients achieve success in their recovery journey.”

Download the free white paper: Measure Progress, Not Perfection: Applying Measurement-Based Care to Addiction Treatment

About Tridiuum

Tridiuum, is a digital behavioral health ecosystem and network management partner that is bridging the gap between patient, payer, and provider stakeholders to improve access and follow-up care for members in need. The company’s flagship platform, Tridiuum ONE, combines nearly 20 years of behavioral health research and clinical expertise with cutting-edge technology to power behavioral health operations and workflows to advance patient outcomes. It is proven to improve access by rapidly creating accurate matches between the patient and most appropriate provider, ensuring a measurement-based care approach that optimizes network management. The scalable technology also integrates seamlessly with most electronic health records and health IT software. Almost 2,000 clinical facilities use the Tridiuum ONE platform, with more than 6,500 behavioral health providers using it to advance treatment for more than 11,000 patients every day.