Tridiuum Partner Crossover Health Highlights Benefits of Measurement-Based Care

Tridiuum provider partner Crossover Health presented positive outcomes data in a new white paper: “Measuring Our Way to Well—A Measurement-based Response to the Mental Health Crisis.” The white paper validates the clinical efficacy of measurement-based mental healthcare — using the Tridiuum behavioral health platform — to improve outcomes in fewer visits and help decrease wait times.

Crossover conducted an in-depth evaluation of its model among 3,071 members receiving care from its clinicians and found that the model yielded positive results. Providers who used measurement-based care were able to achieve significantly better overall mental health outcomes in just over six visits compared to alternative approaches.

Additionally, Crossover clinical leaders applied Tridiuum’s six-question Behavioral Health Index composite score as the primary tool to track patient progress and compare it against a sample population.

Researchers concluded that the type of measurement-based care delivered through the Tridiuum platform engages and empowers patients, proving to be an effective approach for addressing the nation’s escalating mental health crisis. As the practical extension of evidence-based care, measurement-based care gives providers real-time, actionable feedback on patient progress and helps foster a productive patient-provider alliance, using patient-reported information.