Tridiuum Trailblazers: Adina Evans, Culture Connoisseur

Even at a company that attracts the best and brightest in its industry, culture is ultimately key to success. Human Resources Director Adina Evans is passionate about fostering that culture at Tridiuum, where people sit high on the priority list. Uncovering what makes an organization tick—where employees actually want to work together—is no small feat, and one that has driven her career.

We chatted with Adina about what makes Tridiuum’s culture special, the key to creating an open-minded and innovative workplace, and how she envisions it will evolve as we continue to grow with parent company New Directions Behavioral Health.

TRIDIUUM: Tell us about your background and how your career has transitioned into human resources. What drew you to Tridiuum?

EVANS: I started my career as an executive assistant. I have had the great fortune of working for small organizations and start-up environments where I was able to take on additional responsibilities outside the scope of my job description, and over the years my roles became more involved with People Operations and Human Resources.

I was initially drawn to Tridiuum for its mission, as behavioral healthcare is very important to me, but I knew I wanted to work here when I met the team. The energy at Tridiuum is contagious. You are surrounded by such intelligent, talented, and unique people that genuinely care about not only our mission, but each other.

For instance, once I joined the company, I shared with the executive team that my career goal was to develop more in People Operations and HR. From day one, they set me up with the tools and resources I needed to be successful. Ed Camarota (our recently retired Chief Financial Officer) connected me with mentors in the space and gave me personal guidance. He and Mark Redlus (President of Tridiuum) both trusted me to take on new challenges and learn on the job. I eventually earned several graduate level certificates in Human Resource Management, Organizational Development and HR Leadership. I also became a member of the Society for Human Resource Management. I am currently earning my MS in Human Resource Development at Villanova University. Tridiuum is truly dedicated to developing their talent and setting employees up for success in their career goals.

TRIDIUUM: What is most important to you with regards to developing culture/camaraderie in a company? How would you describe the culture at Tridiuum?

EVANS: I think the most important thing is to put people first and build trust. It’s not about treating others how you want to be treated, it’s about treating others how they want to be treated.

I’ve never experienced anything quite like the culture here. Our leadership is so transparent and will go above and beyond for our people. We’re a very collaborative and open environment which really sparks the way we innovate.

TRIDIUUM: Let’s talk about Week of Wonder (WoW), Tridiuum’s tradition of gathering at the Philadelphia headquarters for team building and thought exercises designed to spark innovation. How did it go recently?

EVANS: Week of Wonder was something that came about before I started at Tridiuum, so I’m honored to have the responsibility passed on to me. Our most recent event was amazing—it was the first one we’ve had in person since 2019! The company has grown significantly in size since then, so this was the first time many of our teammates had met in person. It was exciting to have everyone in the same space again to learn together and bond. I’d like to give a huge shout out to the WoW Planning Committee, Marnie Levinson, Kaitlyn Luboff, Mike Pouch, Carly Hoelsworth, Celeste Leon, and Tara Shubert for helping pull the events together! I couldn’t have done it without them.

TRIDIUUM: How do team building events and activities support the work we do in technology and healthcare innovation?

EVANS: Team building activities and events remind us to take time to build relationships and trust our teammates. They allow us to unlock a level of collaboration that will ultimately drive innovation and solidify bonds with one another.

TRIDIUUM: What are some of the other culture-focused initiatives you’ve worked on that make Tridiuum stand out?

EVANS: I think it’s the little things. We make sure to celebrate all our wins, no matter how large or small. We’ve also fostered a supportive environment where everyone encourages and uplifts one another. Everyone is willing to lend a helping hand and wants their teammates to succeed.

We’ve recently adopted an employee recognition and engagement platform with New Directions called Motivosity. This board allows us to connect with everyone across the organization, recognize each other for our hard work and contributions to company values, and celebrate one another.

TRIDIUUM: How have you continued to foster culture as the U.S. workplace has evolved into a sometimes-remote, sometimes-in-person environment? How do you bridge the gap between employees and keep everyone feeling connected?

EVANS: There’s something about being together in an office that creates this natural buzz of energy where you can easily drop by someone’s desk and bounce an idea off them or invite them out to lunch. While we may not be physically in the same space every day, we have great resources available that keep us connected like Zoom, Slack, and Motivosity. It’s important that we take time for things like virtual coffee breaks to chat, virtual and periodic in-person happy hours, and fun channels in Slack (like “newcoworkers2and4legged,” which features our Tridiuum babies and furry friends).

Going through uncharted territory like the pandemic allowed us to support each other in ways we hadn’t necessarily had to in the past. In a way, being fully remote allowed us to invest in the “full person” and the larger context of their lives. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many of our team’s families and pets over Zoom. I’ve also learned a lot about their interests from asking about objects in their workspace at home. It’s added a new lens that has further humanized us.

TRIDIUUM: How do you hope our culture will evolve with the New Directions partnership? What are your short-term and long-term goals for supporting our combined company culture?

EVANS: Both companies bring great cultural elements to the table. I hope we can combine a little bit of each, but I would also like to identify new elements that make up our culture as we grow together. We have created an engagement team with representatives from across both organizations whose mission is to join our cultures with a variety of engagement initiatives. We’ve also begun blending tools and resources that will help us connect (like Motivosity and Teams).

TRIDIUUM: What do you like to do outside of work in your spare time?

EVANS: I love to go on hikes with my fiancé and our two dogs, Bailey and Scout. We also foster wayward fur babies who are down on their luck. Right now we’re fostering two black cats (brother and sister) named Spice and Midnight.

I also love renovating and working on designing new spaces in our home. My parents always had an eye for fixer uppers, so I grew up helping them spruce up houses. I love old homes and can immediately imagine what a place can look like with a little (or a lot) of TLC! When I’m not working on my own house, I spend my weekends helping my parents renovate an old Victorian home they recently purchased. I’m also an avid reader and can almost always be found with a book in hand or close by!

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