WashPo: Alcohol Deadliest Drug in the United States

Alcohol is linked to the most lethal violence, reports The Washington Post. Among those in prison for committing violent crimes, about 40 percent had been drinking at the time of the crime with an average blood-alcohol level more than three times above the legal limit, according to the article.

An analysis from the Illinois Violent Death Reporting System revealed similarly alarming trends including alcohol’s role in intimate partner and friend homicides and among young homicide victims.

So what do we do? Among other suggestions, reporter Harold Pollack points out the following:

Aside from expanding access to conventional treatments, [the Affordable Care Act] provides funds for screening and brief interventions for problem drinkers who present in emergency departments and other medical settings. It also seeks to strengthen links between substance abuse treatment services and primary care. These unglamorous components of health reform are especially important given evidence that the dominant majority of problem drinkers will never access the specialty addiction treatment system.