Whitepaper: Animating Beacon’s Vision for Integrated Health Care

In its recent whitepaper, Integration, Polaris Health Directions’ (Polaris) partner and customer, Beacon Health Options, has illustrated an effective way forward for the integration of behavioral and medical health care. Pointing to the collaborative care model as a flexible, patient-centered approach to achieving the promise of integrated care, Beacon outlines five essential elements to its success:

  1. Patient-centered team care
  2. Population-based care
  3. Measurement-based care
  4. Evidence-based care
  5. Accountable care


Polaris enthusiastically shares in Beacon’s vision to end the era of fragmented data and behavioral and medical silos. We operate on the principle that there is no physical health without behavioral well-being. In collaboration with Beacon, we are taking steps to make this transformative vision for health care a reality. Polaris Polestar Platform gives the collaborative care team the ability to screen, assess and facilitate the appropriate level and intensity of treatment for their patients, thus avoiding the pitfalls of medical silos and fragmented data.

Dr. Emma Stanton

“The integration of behavioral and physical health care means a system redesign that requires measuring the outcomes that matter for people with mental health problems. Do people have a home? A job? Can they take care of themselves? Polaris’s Polestar platform is helping us to capture and apply that information to care.”

Dr. Emma Stanton, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Beacon Health Options USA and Chief Executive Officer, Beacon UK

Polestar: Bringing Structured, Measurable Data Into Clinical Action

Polestar automates the integration of behavioral health insights into the care continuum. The platform captures behavioral health data directly from patients and transforms the raw data into actionable information in real time, which can be used to identify at-risk individuals and better understand the populations you treat. The clinical reports generated by Polestar were designed for real world practicality. Polestar follows the patient and the course of treatment and provides assistance with further diagnostic support, accelerating intensive treatment and monitoring progress.

Polestar provides a foundation for collaboration and coordination around behavioral health related risk in every specialty and setting—including for co-morbid behavioral health and medical conditions and in stand-alone behavioral health settings. Designed to support population health and measurement-based care, it is responsive to patient progress and outcomes, providing insights that support treatment planning throughout the course of care.

Polestar’s behavioral health insights and the functionality that carries them into action are both essential to animating the vision of collaborative, integrated care set out by Beacon. Polestar is the only system that can bring true quantifiable metrics to your overall patient population where Behavioral Health is concerned and fully support the collaborative care team.

With Polestar, providers can:

  • Integrate Behavioral Health Data: Systematically defragment medical and behavioral health data to reveal the interplay between the two and guide clinical-decision making.
  • Support Patient-Centered Care Coordination and Engagement: Facilitate proactive, automated referrals and warm handoffs within your system, and measure patient follow-up. Connect patients to supportive resources and educational health information.
  • Measure and Manage Risk: Identify high-risk patients, measure behavioral health related risk over the course of treatment, and project likely treatment responses.
  • Empower Evidence-Based Care: Systematically measure outcomes data, coupled with EHR-generated cost and process data at the patient and population-level.
  • Demonstrate Accountability: Demonstrate accountability by managing and exchanging meaningful outcomes information across health systems and IT platforms.

To learn more about Polestar™ and its role in integrated care, contact Polaris today.